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07/02/2009Pastor James Corbett Living Above the Circumstances (15-LivingAbovetheCircumstances.mp3)
Victorious Living Deuteronomy 28:13
You can live above the circumstances in your life. Learn vital steps on how you can live a victorious life.
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07/02/2009Pastor James Corbett Thank you Lord for Saving Me (Thank_You_Lord_for_Saving_Me.mp3)
Salvation Ephesians 2:8
Salvation is a free gift from God and we should express our gratitude. Learn ways on how you can give thanks to the Lord for your salvation.
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07/02/2009Pastor James Corbett Gird Up Your Mind (GirdUpYourMind-wav.mp3)

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06/25/2009Pastor James Corbett Pray for Your Pastor (11-PrayforYourPastor-ListenWorldwide.mp3)
Prayer Romans 15:30
It is important that we pray for our pastors. Learn practical tips on how to cover your pastor in prayer
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06/25/2009Pastor James Corbett Healing (Healing.mp3)
Healing 1 Peter 2:24
By Jesus stripes you are healed. Sickness and disease has no right to live in your body under God's covenant. Learn how you can stand in faith and believe God for your healing.
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